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Tracking Hunter 2.0

Tracking Hunter 2.0

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SGS 2.0 Tracking Hunter: Has woven rubber on one side of the strap for best attachment to clothing. It is aimed at those who need a good construction that fits really well in tough environments.

The friction rubber is also on the inside of the short part. The latest version 2.0 has no velcro that 1.0 has. This causes more friction rubber to end up against the regular gun belt.

Available in different sizes 1 , 2 and 3 . The standard length 2 fits 80% of all hunters. See picture for sizes.

So what is the difference between the first version of SGS and SGS 2.0?

The biggest difference is that we reversed the buckles, in this way you use the function of the buckle in a more efficient way and avoid the velcro. We ourselves and a test group have been trying SGS 2.0 for some time now and see only advantages with this solution. The most positive thing is that the contact area for the friction rubber against your shoulder strap has been multiplied. And that it feels like it's easier to unfasten. The negative is that the strap is not compatible with the first version as we changed the location of the buckles. There of the name 2.0.

Safety Gun Strap 2.0 consists of two parts:

1: Short strap with Friction rubber and quick-release "Male". You mount it around the regular weapon belt.

2: Long strap with cord, light adjuster buckle and quick release "Female". You mount it around the piston neck or the pistol grip with the help of the string which is sewn on as a loop.

You put on the rifle and hang it on your shoulder as usual. After that, you take the long part behind the back and fasten it Safety Gun Strap using the quick release buckle on the front.

When you then want to take off the rifle, you release the quick release and then take off the rifle as usual and let Safety Gun Strap hang on. As a result, you get a rifle that sits firmly. And it's easy to get fired up quickly.

Do you want to simplify the handling of your weapon before and after hunting? With this practical extra strap, you can more easily carry your weapons with you in connection with hunting.
With us at Harpsöe Sweden you will find Safety Gun Strap which is designed to fit different types of gun belts with different functions. Our products are manufactured in Sweden with materials from leading manufacturers mainly in Sweden, but also from Europe. This is to ensure that our products are of high quality, while at the same time the prices are favorable.

Safety Gun Strap fulfills several different practical functions. First of all, they make handling the weapon easier by allowing you to hang it over your shoulder without straining your neck and shoulders. In addition to making it easier to carry the weapon, the SGS relieves the weight from your rifle in a more ergonomic way. You mount the SGS around the body. In this way, SGS distributes the weight on both sides of the back.

We do not ship to the UK. Instead, we recommend to order from our English reseller

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