We want satisfied customers!

If you are not satisfied, let us know and we will discuss so we can come to an agreement.

We try to strive to at least meet the Swedish Consumer Agency's recommendations on guarantees.

We provide a one-year Functionality Warranty, with start date "order date", with normal and correct use. But don't hesitate to contact us after the warranty period is over if you discover something strange with our products.

A consumer always has three years to complain about an original defect in a product. An original defect can be a manufacturing defect or any other defect that the product had before the consumer received it.

If something should happen to the belt during the warranty period, we offer one of the following options:

  • to repair the product
  • to offer the consumer another product
  • to make deductions from the price
  • to take back the item and give the money back

Feel free to go in and see your rights as a consumer at