Information on right of withdrawal and refund

You have a 14-day right of withdrawal when shopping remotely.

The cancellation period begins the day after you receive the item. You can of course change your mind even before the cooling-off period has started by contacting the seller and informing them of this.
The cancellation period does not apply to specially ordered products, e.g. made-to-measure straps.

Remember to repent in writing and keep a copy as evidence. E-mail works just fine to
You have the right to examine the product's properties and function. But remember not to handle the item more than necessary. If you do so, you risk having to compensate the seller for the reduction in value of the goods. In order for the seller to be entitled to a depreciation deduction, you must have received information about it in connection with entering into the agreement.

There is no requirement in the law that says you must repent in a particular way, but in order to prove that you have repented, you should do so in writing. Feel free to use the cancellation form on the Swedish Consumer Agency's website .

You need to send the item back to the seller within 14 days from the day you announced that you regret it. You must pay the return shipping yourself, provided that the seller has informed you of this before you entered into the contract.

Remember that you should be able to show that you sent the item back to the seller. Make sure to get a receipt for the shipment and keep this as proof.
As soon as the goods are scanned into our warehouse, Billmate takes care of the refund part.