Shipping, Delivery times and logistics


We do not ship to the UK. Instead, we recommend to order from our English reseller

All orders placed before 18:00 on non-holiday weekdays are normally sent from us within two days. Orders placed on weekends/holidays are normally dispatched within two working days, provided we have the item in stock.

Our various shipping options normally take 2-3 business days to arrive after being shipped from our warehouse. When the goods have left our warehouse, handling is transferred to the shipping companies that deliver your order within the specified time for the selected shipping method. We cannot provide any delay guarantee for goods that are not in stock at the time of ordering or for goods that have left our warehouse. This means that the total delivery time before the product reaches you may be longer than what is stated as normal for the selected shipping method.

To certain parts of Norrland and to Gotland, Posten delivers with a one-day delay, this is not included in the estimated delivery time we state on the website. This concerns, for example, certain towns with postcodes starting with 82-84, 86-89 and 91-98.

Our customers always have the right to cancel the purchase in case of delivery delays. There may be occasions that make it impossible for us to fulfill the order, for example if our supplier cannot fulfill his commitment to us. Contact our customer service if you wish to cancel your purchase.

Shipping method

We normally send our packages with Posten's Goods Letter 1st class

It normally takes 1 business day to arrive after it is shipped from our warehouse. Shipping cost SEK 29 free shipping over SEK 500 . Your goods are delivered to the mailbox. Items deemed to be too large for the letterbox are delivered to your nearest delivery point and you receive a notification. This is usually sent as an SMS, but you can instead choose to receive a letter notification for an extra SEK 10.

Track your package

Shipment ID for package

A package always gets a package ID (alt. tracking number) that can be used to track the package. Parcel ID is available on request to or 0721-778327. With package ID, you can track your package from when it is sorted by the shipping company until you collect your package.

Consignment ID for consignment note

With the shipment ID for consignment notes, you can see when the consignment note passes postal terminals and possibly ends up at Posten's delivery point. However, this tracking is not as detailed as for packages. Shipment ID for consignment note can be obtained on request to or 0721-778327. When a parcel has been sorted at the postal terminal, a delivery notification is sent to you either normally via SMS, e-mail or letter telling you that your delivery is on its way and when it is expected to be delivered to you. If the postman believes that the letter will fit in the letterbox, it will be delivered directly to the recipient's letterbox. Items considered to be too bulky are handed over to the nearest delivery point and a notification with a four-digit serial number is sent either via SMS, e-mail or letter. With the serial number, you can pick up your consignment note at Posten's delivery point. If you have not received the notification, you can also retrieve the consignment note using the shipment ID that you will find in the delivery confirmation.

At the agent

To pick up your shipment, you need your ID and the number that you find in the SMS or e-mail notification. If you have chosen letter notification, bring it together with your identification to the agent.

If for some reason you miss the notification, it is fine to pick up packages with package ID/tracking number/serial number and identification. You can find the parcel ID/tracking number/serial number in the delivery confirmation sent to your email address.

Remember that you must always be able to show identification when picking up packages. Only the person with the name on the package can pick it up at the agent.

The shipment is with the postal agent for 14 days (Posten) before it is returned to us. We reserve the right to charge the costs for handling that arise in the case of unclaimed packages (return shipping, shipping costs, etc.). Therefore, we charge a fee of SEK 150 if a package is not collected. Therefore, please note that if you regret a purchase and want to return the product, you must first pick up the package and then return it as described on our website.

Delivery delay

Delivery times may be extended as unforeseen delays may occur along the way.

We have almost all the products we sell in stock, it is clearly stated on the article if this is the case. If, on the other hand, it says that it will be sent from us within 2 to 5 working days, it is instead in the supplier's warehouse, from where we immediately order it and send it on to you, within the set time. Should any product also be out of the supplier's stock, delivery delays will occur and then customer service will contact you via e-mail or telephone. We will be happy to help you with suggestions for an equivalent product if one exists.

To certain parts of Norrland and to Gotland, Posten delivers with a delay of one or two days , this is not always included in the estimated delivery time we specify on the website. This concerns, for example, certain towns with postcodes starting with 82-84, 86-89 and 91-98.

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