Common questions

1. What do you do if you have a backpack on?
The SGS can be used together with the backpack. It is usually necessary to adjust it even better than if you don't have a backpack. We feel that it works best if you have the quick release as far down as possible, preferably so that the SGS becomes like a waist belt.

2. How to adjust SGS?
Try mounting the quick release far down on the shoulder strap and the SGS will be more like a waist belt. The weight from the rifle is on the hips instead of up on the shoulder. With the correct adjustment, up to 90% of the weight can be transferred from the rifle to the hips.

3.Which size should I have?
To find out how long the SGS should be, you can take a string and tie it instead just to see how long the SGS should be.
We have noticed that many customers feel that SGS is too short.
The problem usually lies in the fact that you don't have a rifle on your back, but have it hanging by your side. Or that the rifle leans heavily on the back.
When donning the rifle along with the SGS, a good trick is to pull the rifle excessively to your back. To then let it slide back after pressing the quick release.
See also the image for an explanation of the sizes.

4. Does the SGS fit both left and right shooters?
Yes! The SGS is designed to work for both right and left shooters. The SGS works equally well whether you are a taller or a left shooter.

5. Is SGS suitable for breaking weapons such as shotguns, combi and drilling?
Yes, it works perfectly. The tests we have done have not shown any differences between breaking weapons or repeater rifles. As we do not have access to all rifle designs, we still want to send a request.
What you should pay attention to is whether the string on the SGS is against the fuse or the pipe selector.

6. Does SGS fit all gun belts and rifles?
Yes, they fit. We guarantee that you will be satisfied! This means money back if you want to return your SGS within one year of purchase. If you feel that there would be something disturbing and you feel that you do not want to use SGS. Then it's just a matter of getting in touch within one year of the order date, then you'll get your money back.

7. Will SGS fit my R8 with thumbhole piston?
Same answer as in question 6
Plus: You can mount the SGS around the boom above the "thumb hole" or if you have piston cam lifters, you can pull it around it.

8. Do you ship to other countries?
Yes, we ship easily to countries within the EU plus Norway. If you want to order to England, we recommend our dealer .

9. Is it possible to order spare parts?
Yes, it is possible to order only the short and long part.

10. How to mount the SGS?
We have created a YouTube video that simply explains how to mount the strap.